Yes! It's definitely a job to do book promotion. My book's scheduled to be published in March. I've been promoting it for over a year--way before I wrote it. The "experts" say that's very important these days...

Last post, I talked about integrating Twitter into my promotion efforts. Twitter is a weird space but it has great potential for getting my message out, so... Yep, it's a job, this book promotion stuff. Too bad my creative, writerly self is so submerged while I attend to what's necessary :-(

Let's see:

* I wrote a book called Notes from An Alien. The copyeditor is checking it now and I'm offering a pre-publication copy, free, to folks who want to give me a little feedback. A little feedback can get your name (or, alias) in a Special List in the book. A little bit more feedback can add a 2-line Bio and Web address to your Listing :-)

* I have a forum on this site to extend the conversation about the book into broader fields. The book was written to help Earth heal its global crises. So, the forum's intended to help folks apply the happenings in the book to things here on Earth. Oh!  Maybe you didn't already know that the book happens about 12 light-years from Earth :-)

* I'm engaging people on Facebook, mostly writers.

* I'm trying to engage folks on Twitter, mostly readers who might be into my kind of book.

* I'm re-posting this blog two other places to let my efforts be seen by other audiences.

* I'm trying to deal with the nearly complete lack of feedback about whether all my effort is doing any good.
Oh, I can see how many people visit this blog or the other places on the site. I do have some people talking to me on Facebook and hope to soon have some on Twitter.

Plus, I know that there are many more people who can see me but aren't the type to let me know. They might like what I'm doing...

I will plod on. I will write the follow-up book to Notes from An Alien. I will continue to try to help our Earth.........

Got any ideas that might help me?

Got any inspirational comments?

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