I started an activity over a year ago and only found out last month that the "experts" think it's a good idea.

Long before I began the writing of
my novel, I started promoting the idea of the book in Second Life--a virtual world where the residents create everything; their avatars, their houses; their landscapes; and, ultimately, their Reality.

At first, I just rented a shop on Book Island and started talking up the idea for the book. My plan was to encourage folks to discuss the book's themes and help me organize my thinking. I certainly had strong ideas about what the book "should" be but I was wide open for feedback.

Eventually, the constructed reality of Second Life seeped into my promotion activities and I created an avatar for the "co-author" of the book--Sena Quaren. She now has her own Facebook account and is becoming a bit notorious :-)

Here's a bit of explanation about my "relationship" with Sena...

Almost all writers of fiction will tell you that their characters are "real"; even real enough to change the author's ideas about how the book should be written.

I took that phenomenon and boosted it's reality--made the "co-author" come alive in Second Life and on the Web. And, I'm glad I did!  Even people who know Sena is my creation will talk to her differently than they talk to me. It's a fantastic way to gain fresh perspectives on what I'm doing with the book :-)

You can talk to Sena on Facebook, in our Forum, and in Second Life. She's "really" me but she's also "really" not me. Beyond considerations of possible mental illness, I'm finding the fiction of her reality to be a form of writer's therapy--stepping back from intense involvement in the work and viewing the process from an alien perspective.

The alienness of that perspective is very real since Sena is from a star system twelve light years from Earth...

Anticipating your comments :-)