If you've read previous posts or know me from Facebook or Second Life, you know my first novel will be published in March.

One thing that's become obvious over the time I've been writing the book is that pre-publication promotion is critical. There are just too many books being marketed to not get out there and do all one can to raise interest, even well before the book is written...

I started my promotion about a year before I wrote a single word of the book. Of course, I had a clear idea of what the book was going to be about and I used that year to mingle with people and get their opinions on the theme--kind of a pre-writing, pre-reader surveying activity :-)   Almost all of that year was spent in Second Life--a virtual world completely created by the users. It was in that world that I realized that my "co-author", Sena Quaren from the star system, Angi, had to become even more "real" than the reality most authors will tell you their characters have. I created an avatar for Sena and set her loose in Second Life. Now, she has her own Facebook presence...

But, let me fulfill the promise of this post's title. The free book is a pre-publication copy of the novel I'll be publishing in March. It's with the copy editor now so there will be small changes. Still, I'm fairly certain the plot-arc and character interactions will stay as they are. Unless...

You read the manuscript and give me feedback that makes me change some aspect of the book. I have three and a half months left to get feedback and criticism that could make the book better than it is.

So that's the free book offer. How can it help you broadcast your name and web site?

First, I need to tell you that anyone who makes even a very small comment on the pre-publication manuscript gains the right to have their name (or, alias) placed in a special listing in the book.

It's the folks who give me substantial feedback who earn the right to have not only a Web link in that listing but also a two-line Bio. That's how important this feedback is to me. And, to be real clear, "substantial" doesn't have to mean a whole bunch of words. Some of the best feedback I've gotten so far has been very short and extremely Sweet :-)

Want to read a novel for free?

Want to help an author make it better?

Want to have your name and Bio and Web link circulating throughout the world in every copy of my book?