O.K., I'm an author. Published three books a few years ago on Lulu.com and have one getting ready for publication on FastPencil in March.

I didn't do much of anything to promote the books on Lulu and, in the years since, I've sold very few. Oh, yeah... All those books are now free to download...

The book coming out in March has already had a full year of pre-publication promotion. My publisher will distribute to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iPad, and Ingram (a place to be if you want bookstores and libraries to be able to order your book).

So, now Google is a place to have one's book. And, some of the things I hear about books on Amazon indicate that, even though it's the current Place-To-Go, authors who aren't name brands are having a tough time... (would really love to hear comments from any of you who have experience with having your books on Amazon. The things I hear are quite contradictory...)

I may have been published already and I may have done a better job this time with promotion but.........

I'm still learning. Things like:

Building relationships is the most important task in promotion.

Most of the "gurus" on the Web are not to be trusted.

There are around 200,000 books published a year.

I'm working at least 12 hours a day with getting my message out and it still may not be enough to sell my book.

Please, form a line and leave all your comments on book promotion and distribution :-)


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