Talking helps you write?

Well, it’s more than likely the first “writers” in our human family were mostly speakers. I could work really hard to do the research to support that contention but I’m reasonable certain; plus, I found a cool Squidoo Lens that can launch you into this ancient art form, still alive and kickin’, by the way :-)

And, if you reflect and notice the next time someone speaks to you, there’s one heck of a lot going on in your mind as they speak. Folks called “good listeners” have the discipline to let the speaker’s words create a story in their minds. These are also the folks who do mostly listening until the speaker indicates relinquishment of their side of the conversation. {Except those folks who never seem to be able to give it up and keep talking interminably… }

In my previous post, Reading Leads To Writing, Even If All You’re Reading Is Life…, I made a short exploration into the potentially confusing territory of what happens in our minds when we read. I went further and claimed that we are always “reading” Life. If those ideas are correct, when you listen to someone speak, you’re reading them. And, since most writers will tell you that reading is a necessary component of their continued writing, the reading of others you do, as you listen to them, can help your writing…

The other aspect of how talking helps writing is when the writer reads their work out loud. This is something that many writers heartily recommend as part of the revision/editing process. While you read silently read, you activate the writer within. While you read aloud, you have the writer within communicating with the speaker of the words–a self-conversation that often leads to critical insights.

Of course, the, “Read Me A Book Daddy!”, part of the title of this post reminds us that hearing words read to us while we look at the page is a powerful part of learning to read for ourselves. And, as we age, this talking to ourselves as we contemplate what we’ve written is one of those tricks of Writerly Magic that never fails to please…

Like almost all my posts, I’m not trying to prove a point. I’m merely raising various points to stimulate your thinking. Naturally, I hope your thinking leads you to writing what your mind made out of what I’ve written here :-)

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