Writers do all kinds of things to get their mood flowing just right:

- Always writing in the same place at the same time
- Always writing somewhere new
- Waiting to write till the mood arrives
- Ingesting various substances to induce the mood
- Reading certain works to ignite the mood

Then, there are those writers, like me, who listen to music...

I've recently been contemplating the writing I'll be doing after my work-in-progress
is published and that contemplation synchronistically found a very good and very
old friend--the rendition of Steely Dan's
Kid Charlemagne that I first heard many
years ago, when it became my Theme Song.

They've done the song many times and each has its own flavor but the guitar solos
in the original are the perfect Gettin'-In-The-Mood music for me.

This video has that version and mashes it up with images of dust jackets and spinning vinyl--just like the old days :-)


I better get this post posted and let the video take me back so I can write on..............
What gets you in just the right mood??