Get along with everybody? Like, if everybody could do it there'd be no more war? What, am I crazy??



No, I don't think I'm crazy but I do think people have more potential for peaceful living than they might realize. More potential for working to understand another's perspective before judging them. More hidden under the surface of conscious anxiety than just more fear and avoidance.

My forthcoming book, Notes from An Alien, is all about a civilization's struggle to go from what appears to be "natural", "irreconcilable" differences to enduring peace. I've had to not only think deeply about that process but also to admit things to myself that have made me, even at my advanced age, question my sincerity in putting into real, live action what is so easy to only talk about. Basically, I've come to the conclusion that nothing we claim with our mouths has any value if our hearts don't compel us to take action.

Words alone are cheap. Deeds alone can be misunderstood. Words used to justify deeds are dangerous.


What can be done with that obnoxious person who just won't understand that I can't deal with them?

I hope I'm not about to say that it's my responsibility to understand them better, 'cause, if I say that, a bunch of my readers will check-out....................................

Does it really, ultimately matter if we live up to our best principles? If we just don't physically harm others can't we just do what we feel like and let the rest of the world do what it pleases?

I'm sitting here wondering how many who read this post are in an area that's ravaged by war. Not many, I'd wager.

How many readers are in a town that has rank racial prejudice (which can definitely lead to war)?

How many live next to a man who beats his wife?

How many of you have buried guilt because you think you don't have whatever it takes to live up to your own principles?
{The writer of this post raises his hand...}

One more thought before I share a valuable link to an engaging video:

Is humanity One Whole "being"--one entity, even if parts of it are weak or sick or cancerously dangerous???

Here's the link to a video that I hope will surprise you and give you hope--and, maybe even a bit of courage.

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