After I publish this post, I'll be taking one of my weekly trips into the virtual world, Second Life, for a listen to the next chapter in an author's live readings...

I've been involved with Second Life for about three years but it was last year when I started pre-publication for my forthcoming novel. I touched on this in a previous post.

Before I decided to do promotion in Second Life, I usually went to various Sims (separate areas built by members) to listen to music. Since I created an avatar for my co-author, Sena Quaren, she not only listens to music but does something I was never really into--Dancing. I've already revealed in this blog that Sena is a character in my book and, while not real in the traditional sense, very real to me. This makes me a normal author, which implies "abnormal" human :-)

So, there I am, being Sena, dancing her heart out, and wondering why she likes dancing and I don't. Isn't she just a part of me? So then, that part of me likes to dance? Is she more than just a part of me? Then, all of me doesn't like to dance??

BTW, every question in that last paragraph can be honestly answered "yes."...  If you're not a writer, you may safely assume I'm a bit crazy.

Writing a novel includes not only revisions while in the throes of creating the book but seeking out feedback (from editors and what some call beta-readers) and being involved with the deeply self-revealing act of deciding whether to do what someone else suggests. You can still give me something to think about since I won't be publishing till March.

This Thursday, the 2nd of December, I'll be starting live readings of the pre-publication manuscript--seeking more feedback but also giving myself a new perspective on how well the story "works". I've read each chapter out loud as I was revising but reading it to others ( yes real reading to real others in a virtual word :-) will give me yet another view...

The readings will continue for about nine weeks on the beach on Book Island at 10pm GMT every Thursday. That last link is to the venue on Book Island and also gives you a chance to sign-up for Second Life. It's Free :-)

Ever been in a virtual world?

If not, do they intrigue you or make you yawn?