I’m going to have my first face-to-face meeting with my editor in eight days.

I just realized as I wrote that sentence that the combination of “face-to-face” and “editor” might have given a few readers a chill.

A face-to-face is serious, right?

Does serious have to mean bad?

The editor, that horrible person who has some perverted need to hack away at my pristine creation, tells me I can’t be inventive with my punctuation, and shows disrespect to my artistic integrity.

That last sentence is fiction since my editor is a delightful young woman who found a bunch of typos, suggested a few sentence rearrangements that will make the story flow better, and actually thinks I’ve written a very good book.

We’ll be meeting at the Starbucks inside the Kroger’s just past the Veteran’s Park. She’ll have come from one of her classes at the University of Dayton and I’ll have just emerged from my writer’s cave.

I look forward to that conversation.

I’m also looking forward to the May publication of Notes from An Alien. I’m self-publishing with FastPencil so I call the shots on when to release the book (if you visit FastPencil’s site, getting an account is free and so are many of their writer’s services :-).

The delay in publishing, since it might take me all of two days to incorporate the edits from Laura and get a little final formatting done, is necessary because I need to do more social networking–a strange and wonderful thing–before the book is born.

I gave a little hint at the creative side of publishing in a previous post but the actual path I’ve traveled, since well before I sat down to write the book, is very strange and quite wonderful to me.

First the on-going experience with my main character and “co-author”, Sena Quaren, in the virtual world Second Life.

Next, the experience of building a web site for the book. I even included a slide show of the Worlds of Notes from An Alien.

Then, the rather awful experience of wading through how to integrate Facebook and Twitter into my social networking efforts. It might be that I’m such a massive introvert but the blatant and brazen extroversion of those spaces took some creative throttling to fit into what I consider social activity.

Next was the creation of this blog, separate but integrated with the book site, and the search for folks for my Blogroll–people I communicate with and promote on Facebook and Twitter.

That little boy who was born on the southern shore of a Great Lake almost 6.5 decades ago is still in here, an important part of my consciousness, marveling at all this activity to create an audience for a book we wrote. Yes, little Alex is still here. I lost him for a bunch of years but he got my attention again and we’re both goin’ to a party with a nice lady named Laura in eight days!!!
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