In the prologue of my forthcoming book, Sena, the alien, exposes her first person point of view and alerts the reader that the bulk of the story will be third person omniscient--"all-seeing". She then promises that her "voice" will return when the story reaches the point of her birth.

But, to say that most of the book is third person is a crass generalization...

What point of view does this paragraph have?

"He was ready to go but delayed slipping the bonds for a moment as he bid farewell in his mind to the daughter he'd never met. He knew his work for the Angan Corporation was critical—leader of the first expedition to another World; but, Velu, his unknown daughter, would probably not know he'd done it."

Well, the "He" says third person but the "He knew" begins to personalize the point of view. In fact, most of this paragraph is the character's very personal thinking. Rather first person, eh?

Writing is a slippery craft. The magic of our minds, arranging symbols on a page that trigger thoughts and feelings in other people, is the ultimate slippery occupation :-)

My book won't be published until March and I'm still gathering feedback. The copy editor is busily checking the "clean-draft". And, I'm offering to send folks a copy of that draft. If you make even one tiny comment, you can opt to have your name (or, an alias) placed in a special listing in the book. If you share a significant amount of feedback, I'll add a 2-line Bio and Web link to your listing :-)