Long after I became an adult, a friend persuaded me to lie on the couch and let her read to me. What a wonderful experience--not like an audio book at all--as she read and I mmm-ed and oh-ed and she added sweet asides...

I think that experience gave me the courage to, many times since, become a child again--approach experience with temporarily untrained eyes, ears, and heart...

The work on my novel (due to be published in March and available as a pre-publication freebie) took me back to that unique reading experience. I became the reader and the read-to. I commented to myself and made replies to those comments and it all happened in my mind and heart...

I feel the author of a book is the first reader of that book--in more than the obvious way--the raw physical process of visible perception modulated by the brain--the author is the first reader to cast an interpretation on the words. If you ponder that idea for a bit, your brain will start gyrating--rather like what happens to me when I write :-)

Many are saying that the experience of reading is under assault by e-readers. Many praise the e-reader as a tool to train writers to re-think their craft. Many say much, most of which is pure speculation.

The writer/reader relationship is ancient and, like all things on Earth, under constant evolution.

This writer recently read another writer's words about the evolution of the reading experience... I have to say it's the first article on the subject that's made me enter the reader's swoon as the author flirts with my mind :-)

What do you, as the reader, expect from an author's words?

What do you want the words to do to you?

What was Your Favorite Read??