I was a reader before I was a writer. As I write, I become my first reader. Each reader of a book "rewrites" it...

I'm compelled to now write my absolutely favorite word--"Word" :-)

It's so cool, sitting on the page saying what it is...

Even with all the psychology I've studied, I've yet to fully comprehend the act of Writing/Reading or even the related act of Reading/Writing.

Words confound me. They also exhilarate me.

Specially entertaining (and, mind-expanding) are self-referencing sentences, like:

"You have of course, just begun the sentence that you have just finished reading."

That link at the word "self-referencing" has other examples including an entire self-referencing essay :-)

These creations start to peel back some of the layers of the magic art of reading and make the writer of the piece of self-reference begin to disappear.

When you're reading, are you "rewriting" the book?

When you write, are you consulting with you-as-reader?

Can anyone explain all this to me??