Many readers never consider how many revisions a novel needs before it takes them on a journey.

The novel of my life has undergone nearly constant revision; and, some parts of me-the-protagonist just refuse to be changed. This doesn't mean me-the-writer-of-my-life doesn't get in there and attempt revision.


In art or life, if the Vision isn't clear enough, the story resists changing its texture.

In my novel {get a free pre-publication copy}, one of the planets is completely corporate. There are no citizens, only employees of the corporation. The corporate heads use implanted chips (inserted at birth) to mess with people's emotional states. They also give them free access to "simulated recreation" to help them "moderate" the effects of the emotional tampering.

Those nasty chips also record a person's condition. And, certain employees interact with the data by "Playing Plots". All the outcomes of all the Plots are then analysed to guide decision-making.

I think I created this bizarre society because of my life-long internal Plot Playing; essentially, writing and evaluating "scripts" for proposed action. I've often wished I could just interact with life without all this internal story-making. In fact, my internal plots are often radically revised by what other people do :-)

I think the world would be a better place if more of us would share our internal Plots--share our proposed stories--and willingly collaborate in communal revisions...