I just posted a link about mistakes fiction writers make on my Facebook page. I agree with most of what it says, but...

I'm fairly sure you've heard it said before...
(Pick One)

* Rules are made to be broken
* Break rules intelligently/creatively
* Don't cling to a rule if it's making you break another rule

All of those rules assume that the rules are right.  But, who decides if the rules are right?

The professor?
The editor?
The publisher?
The genre?

How about the Reader?

I think this is where most "good" rules come from--many authors interacting with many readers.

Sure, there are the grammarians and their buddies but one simple example blows most of their rules to shreds:

"Paul turned and said, 'With what will you do it?''" -- Wrong!

Sorry, but Paul doesn't talk like that.

I'm super curious. What do you think are "good" rules? Who do you think has the "best" rules? When is it cool to break a rule? Why did people come up with rules in the first place?