I'm sitting here listening to one of my most favorite Get-Up-and-Out-of-The-Dumps songs...

I've been studying book promotion; and, social media is the core of that study.

A blog post by Elana Johnson, Dear Self: Social Media, got me up to the top of the ravine of self-hyping "experts" and listening to that song is helping me walk away into the meadow of relaxed and tranquil Web-interaction.

Self-published authors absolutely have a lot of work to do to get their books noticed. But, it certainly doesn't have to be some excruciating and torturous endeavor.

I found a sweet list of pre-publication tasks and, though it may look daunting, it can be pursued with confident exhilaration, if you decide that book promotion is a job that can be fulfilling and comforting.

We all need to stay positive and let our free will choose to be happy :-)

How do you, whatever your necessary tasks are, stay above the muck of negativity?