“Start with a 500-year InterWorld War. Continue through ecological disaster and the decimation of populations. Follow the institution of a Worlds’ government that helps bring a glimmer of hope. Discover the challenges and failures of unifying three very different Worlds. Explore what it takes to give birth to a lasting peace. This is what reading Notes from An Alien promises. And, this story could help Earth…”

That’s the back-cover blurb for my book. In the last post, I talked a bit about final edits and getting the book ready for a May publication date.

But, ever since six months before I started writing the book, I’ve been seeking feedback. Once it was written in “clean draft” and sent off to my editor, I started offering the pre-publication copy to folks on the book’s web site.

During all this time, I’ve been telling folks they could have their name (or, an alias) in a Special Listing at the back of the book and, if they gave me “significant” feedback, I’d give them a two-line Bio and the web link of their choice.

There are three and a half months left before publishing and, even though the editorial process revealed very few changes (and, none as far as plot or characters were concerned), I’m still eager for feedback.

I’d be happiest if you went to the book’s site and filled out the form to get an email copy of the book. That way, I’ll have your email address and can let you know about future publications and what’s happening on our Forum.

The book site also has a widget so you can read the book online. And, if you want to download it now, here are two different file formats:

Word .doc

.pdf file

If you read it online or download it and want to get a Listing, just send your feedback to amzolt {at} gmail {dot} com

I’ve offered this opportunity here because, even though I’ve already held it out to over 300 people, only about ten have taken advantage of it. Curious………

By the way, to get the Bio and web link, “significant” feedback to me is more than “I couldn’t get into it” but less than a full page. Personal recommendation blurbs for the back cover are always welcome :-)
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