Finally integrated Twitter into my pre-publication promotion efforts. Thought it would be too much effort. Waaaay surprised that I like watching the Tweets flow by. Pulled my Facebook NewsFeed into TweetDeck and I sit and wonder...

Wonder about who's behind those words. Are they who they seem to be? Are they acting? Can I trust what they say?

Why some shorten the words ( wht U gttng 4 xmas ) and some decide to use them more economically ( take advantage-visit VMAC-get account upgrade ); in *both* Twitter and Facebook :-)

Marveling at those folks who take the medium and actually get something artistic to happen. Wondering if it's only happening in my mind...

A few posts back I explored how the very same words can create different meanings in different minds. Now, with the Twitter/Facebook stream flowing into my brain (and, heart), I wonder how it will change the way I use words.

It's said Language is organic--it grows and adapts and changes. So, is it wrong to think that an individual's use of language is also organic?

Am I fertilizing the flowers in my valleys of meaning (planted from books) with this concoction, composed with so many different uses of words and symbols?

Is the Twitter/Facebook flow more like a shower? Will I only be affected by what I swallow, the rest flowing off and away?

Please... Tell me about your relationship with the words from Twitter and/or Facebook.................

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