This blog is about reading, writing, and publishing. I've read one heck of a lot. I've written more than most. I'm now learning what publishing means...

I have published in the past and all those books are free to download. Now, though, I'm getting ready to publish my first novel. You can get a free pre-publication copy; and, making comments on it can get you into a special listing in the book, even a short Bio and your Web address :-)

In fact, giving away a manuscript to get feedback is part of what publishing means to me. Just as much as my adventures in a virtual world are part of publishing for me (see the previous post...).

Might be a good idea to give the word origin for "publish": "early 14c., "to make public," from M.E. publicen (c.1300), altered (by influence of banish, finish, etc.) from O.Fr. publier, from L. "make public," from publicus "public" (see public). The meaning "to issue (a book, engraving, etc.) for sale to the public" is first recorded 1520s."

Notice that part about the influence on publish from banish and finish? Reminds me of a quote from the poet
Paul Valery: "A poem is never finished, only abandoned."

The influence of the meaning of banish interests me lately. The manuscript is with the copy editor and I've been feeling a bit like I've banished it from my life, paying all my attention to pre-publication social media activities. Once the editor returns it and I collate all the other comments and feedback and criticisms, I'll repeal the banishment, take the novel back into my writer's cave, and lovingly polish and preen it...

Have you published?

Are you getting ready to publish?

Do you wish you could publish?

Are you confirmed in the opinion that you will never publish?

I'd love to hear comments from anyone who answered any of those questions with a "yes".

By the way, if you've ever posted to a blog or even made a comment, you've been published. Facebook and Twitter also count. How many other ways to publish can you think of??