I wish you were sitting here, in front of my computer, and writing this post for me. Of course then, the title would have to be, "This Is What It's Like Inside Me When I Read A Book." Hey! You could write a real long comment to this post and do just that :-)

But I'd better write a few more words of my own first; at least because I'm not just a writer. I actually read, too. And, I have an inside that re-writes every book I read. I touched on this idea briefly in the post ReadWriteReadWriteReadWrite...

I think we all re-write books as we read them. Oh, maybe not word-for-word but we do come up with images and ideas the author never had in their brain. Words are (after deeds) the best way we have for letting people know what we think and feel, even though they're very slippery critters.

Let's try this formula: Reading is to Writing as Hearing is to Speaking.

Do we always hear exactly what the other person's saying?

Well, the ears hear pretty well as long as other sounds don't drown out the speaker. But what happens when the words travel up the nervous system to the brain and the Mind gets a hold of them and the Heart shares its opinion? Whatever happens is fascinating. Some might say exasperating.

Why do we humans so often seem to not hear what people say?

Why do we humans so often re-write what the author's written?

Like most things about living as a person on a planet like Earth, there are two ways to experience this:

* As a problem.
* As a blessing

If I keep spinning this idea out, this humble blog post will start feeling proud of itself. Right now, I'd rather you, the reader, just finish up re-writing it so you can tell me about it in the comments :-)

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