The title of this post is really the most important thing I can say about the publishing process I'm going through. I can read about others' processes and maybe learn something but my book is Way niche and trans-genre, plus I'm self-publishing, so, yes, I've chosen a somewhat lonely road...

Actually, I feel the title of this post is the most important thing you should think about any publishing process; or, any process where you have a goal that takes a huge amount of work to achieve.

First, who have you chosen as a person who knows what you need to know--who's helping you succeed? I've had to search and sort a tremendous amount of people's claims that they had what I needed to know to succeed in my book marketing efforts. But, the second question is really the first one you should ask: What is the exact form of the success I want?

I'll leave that second, most important question's analysis for a future post, since I'm still shaping my answer :-) But, I should add that some folks have to slog through the effort to answer the first question before they can realize that the second question is the most important one...

After about two years of looking for people who can help me succeed (for now, I'll define that as getting a book published that actually sells a few copies), I've found some who are helping me a lot.

The first is Havi at The Fluent Self. Her help is radically fun! It gets right down into my soul and makes me smile while it teaches me things I should have learned decades ago.

Next is Sonia at Remarkable Communication. She's less playful but certainly not un-fun. She's definitely technique-oriented and full of hands-on wisdom.

Next come all the people on my huge Blogroll. Some are quite accomplished, some are just beginning the struggle, but all are there because something in their striving resonates with what I'm working my way through...

What's your definition of success?

Who gives you the help you need?

Ain't it great that things are designed so we can actually find people to share our journey??