Some folks swear by Web sites that cater to writers; some never go near them. I'm kind of in the middle. There's a forum I visit called BestsellerBound. And, a site that's new to me but has been around for ten

The forum is a great place to talk to other folks who spend their time working to make words do acts of magic. And, so is Writing .com but it's bigger, more dense with spaces to visit, more populated with other writers, more daunting and yet, because of that challenge, more worthy to be explored and utilized.

I've only been a member of for a week but I've put three chapters from my book in my portfolio there, gotten an extremely useful review on one of those chapters, and given three reviews to other writers. I've also spent some time having fun in one of the chat rooms.

Then, last night, I came out of chat and noticed I had an email within the site. I opened it and sat here in mild shock--smiling and grateful shock.

Someone on the site had anonymously paid for three months of upgraded use--gave me more tools to use, made me feel quite giddy...

Guess who's gonna be spending more time on :-)