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14 April 2013

Decided the short stories should not be written.

Still going forward though with Behind The Scenes posts every Friday :-)

20 January 2013

Took me longer than 2 months but the short stories have begun being written :-)

9 April 2012

DEEP into the preparation for writing Stories from Angi. I may begin writing it within two months...

28 Oct 2011

Working hard to encourage those who've read Notes from An Alien to let us know what they want to see in the companion book, Stories from Angi :-)

2 May 2011

The Book Is Published :-)

24 Jan 2011

Just got the manuscript back from the editor! Now, the final revisions...

22 Dec 2010

Continuing to receive feedback on the manuscript through folks who've gotten the pre-publication copy & from those attending the live readings in Second Life.

3 Nov 2010

The copy editor is now working on the manuscript :-)

11 Oct 2010

Chapter 17, Sovereignty, chapter 18, Dominion, and chapter 19, Loftiness, posted on FastPencil.

That's a full Manuscript!! Now, to print it out and edit for consistency and continuity :-)

9 Oct 2010

Chapter sixteen, Honor, posted on FastPencil.

8 Oct 2010

Chapter 13, Power, chapter 14, Speech, and chapter 15, Questions, posted on FastPencil.

1 Oct 2010

Chapter twelve, Knowledge, posted on FastPencil.

29 Sep 2010

Chapter eleven, Will, posted on FastPencil.

27 Sep 2010

Chapter ten, Might, posted on FastPencil.

24 Sep 2010

Chapter eight, Perfection, and chapter nine, Names, posted on FastPencil.

21 Sep 2010

Chapter seven, Words, posted on FastPencil.

18 Sep 2010

Chapter six, Mercy, posted on FastPencil.

15 Sep 2010

Revision of chapter five, Light, posted on FastPencil.

14 Sep 2010

First draft of chapter five, Light, posted on FastPencil

12 Sep 2010-afternoon...

Revised version of chapter four, Grandeurposted on FastPencil.

12 Sep 2010-very early morning...

First draft of chapter four, Grandeur, posted on FastPencil.

06 Sep 2010

Major revision of chapter three, Beauty, posted on FastPencil.

31 Aug 2010

First draft of chapter three posted to FastPencil.

25 Aug 2010

Revision of everything: prologue and first two chapters. Posted to FastPencil...

20 Aug 2010

Finished the first draft of chapter two and posted it to FastPencil...

14 Aug 2010

Just posted the first three scenes of Chapter Two to the FastPencil site. The writing was surprising because the plot took a few turns that were very unexpected. Need a bit of feedback from our Reviewers...

10 Aug 2010

Working on chapter two... The plot is definitely thickening!

6 Aug 2010

Revised Preface and first draft of chapter one posted to FastPencil.

4 Aug 2010

Rough draft of chapter one is done. Should have clean first draft done by the weekend.

1 Aug 2010

Still far from actual publishing :-) 

The first draft of the Preface is posted on FastPencil and we're writing the first chapter now...


14 April 2013

The New Blog is the central hub for promotion -- Google Plus may be becoming another strong support...

Twitter "failed" again and G+ gets more intriguing :-)

20 January 2013

Added Twitter back to Social Networking but only like Google Plus---links to blog posts...

9 April 2012

I've stopped using all social networking sites except Google Plus and, even there, I only give a link and some teaser -text. It's said to be good for page rank...

Second Life and the Blog are my focus...

28 Oct 2011

After many months of struggling to make conventional "social networking" a method of promoting Notes from An Alien, we've decided to concentrate all our time on the blog and Book Island in Second Life...

Check out this special blog post :-)

2 May 2011

The Promotion of the book will never stop...

24 Jan 2011

Working hard to integrate blogs, twitter, and FaceBook...

118 followers of the blog on this site and much comment activity on the other blog location (same posts in two locations...)

388 followers on Twitter.

8 Jan 2011

106 followers of the blog on this site.

Started a new blog.

300 followers on Twitter.

22 Dec 2010

We now have 99 followers of our blog :-)

8 Dec 2010

Starting to integrate Twitter into our Promotion...

29 Nov 2010

We now have 70 followers of our blog through NetworkedBlogs :-)

And, this Thursday, Alex starts Live Readings of the book in Second Life

16 Nov 2010

Continuing multiple pre-publication activities...

1,548 FaceBook friends.

6 Nov 2010

We now have a blog on the site :-)

3 Nov 2010

We now have over 1,400 FaceBook friends.

And, starting Dec. 2nd, Alexander will be doing live readings of the book


 Second Life :-)

8 Oct 2010

1,003 FaceBook friends.

Continuing to attend events in 

 Second Life and promoting the book. Also, learning from other authors in SL about various promotion ideas...

27 Sep 2010

833 FaceBook friends.

Continuing to attend events in 

 Second Life and promoting the book.

21 Sep 2010

784 FaceBook friends. Continuing to attend events in 

 Second Life and promoting the book.

18 Sep 2010

Considering post-publication promotion goals.

14 Sep 2010

717 FaceBook friends. Continuing to attend events in 

 Second Life and promoting the book.

06 Sep 2010

630 FaceBook friends. Many more personal comments about the writing process. Continuing to attend events in Second Life.

31 Aug 2010

FaceBook friends now at 581 and I've continued posting interesting web articles but I'm adding many more personal comments about the writing process. Also, another writer read the 3rd draft of chapter one at a gathering in Second Life!

25 Aug 2010

FaceBook friends now at 445.

15 Aug 2010 


friends up to 267--new plan: no moderation in new friends 'cause we'll give them all a free copy of the book :-)

8 Aug 2010

Somehow, we now have 195 friends on FaceBook...

Also, did some promotion in SecondLife.

4 Aug 2010

Up to 145 friends on FaceBook--starting to be a bit choosy :-)

1 Aug 2010

Sena's activities in Second Life continue and she's begun to acquire friends on FaceBook--109 so far :-)

Here's her FaceBook Profile.

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